EPLAN Harness proD 2024.0.3


EPLAN Harness proD 2024.0.3

Use EPLAN Harness proD to efficiently design and document your cabling on 3D mechanical models – the software allows you to combine your mechanical and electrotechnical designs. Optimise and digitalise typical cabling workflows, including documentation for preconfigured cable assembly.

Discover EPLAN Harness proD’s many varied application fields – including for your industry and engineering disciplines.

Wire Harness Combining Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Making Complexity Manageable
The trend to increasing electrification is increasing the proportion of electrical components, cables and wires in many products – from construction vehicles and robots through to our home personal computers.

Using professional tools and intelligent software is becoming increasingly important to maintain an overview of important factors during product design including the necessary space, the total weight and resulting costs. Additional complexity is added to product development due to frequent change requests from clients.

This complexity can be made manageable for you – by using sophisticated systems that connect mechanical engineering and electrical engineering and that derive information relevant for manufacturing. This allows you to increase the quality of your products while lowering costs at the same time.

Automation Technology
Automation technology comprises the design of sensors and actuators, their regulation and the controls for machines as well as the communication between systems.

All components are represented in the schematics. With the EPLAN Project, you can create a complete digital image of the schematics and a digital twin for the control cabinet technology.

This serves as the central source of information for all components and machine data for your engineering and manufacturing departments. In terms of digitisation and automation, our goal is to enable you to create your schematics with as little effort as possible.