Jmag designer 22


Jmag designer 22

MAG-Designer Ver. 22.2 was released.

Ver. 22.2 improves the calculation speed of 3D analysis. In addition, the calculation speed of JMAG-Express has been improved and the range of geometry usage has been expanded. This section picks up on some of the new features, including the functional improvements in this version.

Parallel calculation speed for magnetic field analysis of medium-scale models with 0.5 million to 1 million elements is improved. As a result, when compared to Ver. 22.1, the nonparallel contrast is 110 to 159 times faster for 512-parallel, 0.5 million elements model, and 142 to 195 times faster for 512-parallel, 1 million elements model.

Direct methods can be used in 3D magnetic field analysis. For models that are difficult to converge using the iterative method, such as when dealing with eddy current problems, the direct method can be used to obtain a solution in a relatively short time; in an example model using FEM conductors, the direct method completes the calculation in less than half the time of the iterative method.

JMAG-Express increases the calculation speed of thermal design scenarios. Temperature histories of components can be viewed immediately after clicking the Run button. As a result, it takes only 1 second to check the results for an 8-pole, 24-slot SPM motor and 2 seconds for an 8-pole, 48-slot V-magnet IPM motor. An 8-pole, 24-slot SPM motor ideally completes a multi-case calculation with 1 million cases in less than 3 hours.