Zuken eCADSTAR 2022


Zuken eCADSTAR 2022
Leverage eCADSTAR’s design capabilities to simplify and accelerate the design process. With the digitally connected library, intuitive schematic capture, and tools to accelerate PCB layout engineers spend less time manipulating the tool and more time doing what they do best, innovate creative solutions for today’s technological challenges.

Integrated Simulation and Validation

One of the most time-consuming parts of the design process is the test plan. The validation process can be costly in terms of time and money without adequate upfront simulation. eCADSTAR’s capabilities in Spice simulation and SI/PI analysis delivers test cycle time reductions by supporting simulation from within the CAD platform.

Manufacturing Process Capabilities

Capturing a design is one thing, being able to manufacture it is another. eCADSTAR offers can take the design from concept to reality by integrating with standard industry design capabilities and paradigms such as connecting with Zuken’s E.3 Series Wire Harness Design Engine, IPC-2581 manufacturing data schema, and visualizing the 3D MCAD representation of a design all from within the eCADSTAR itself.

Local Parts, Web Parts, PCB Technology And Design Rules

Library Editor is eCADSTAR’s library management application—a key part of our unified, internet-connected EDA solution for PCB design. Fast, consistent, connected. Easy to learn, but with the power you need to create and maintain consistent core library data.

Library Editor provides everything you need for library management in one place. Naturally, it complies with the same user interface style as other eCADSTAR core applications. All this means there’s a single short learning curve that gets engineers up to speed super-fast.