PSIM Professional v9.034


Key new features of Version 9 are: * New Renewable Energy Package for renewable energy applications * New TI F28335 Hardware Target to support TI DSP F28335 * New SmartCtrl Software for control loop design * Temperature effect in Thermal Module loss calculation * New calculation functions in Simview * 64-bit version The Renewable Energy Package includes solar cell models, wind turbine models, and Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) control blocks for various solar power and wind power applications. Several solar power examples and complete wind power generation examples are provided. Solar module physical model that can take into account light intensity and temperature variations. With the TI F28335 Hardware Target, one can build and simulate a system in PSIM first, then generate ready-to-run code automatically for DSP boards that use Texas Instruments F28335 floating-point DSP. This significantly simplifies the development process and shortens the development time. The SmartCtrl software provides a very efficient and convenient way to design controllers in single-loop/double-loop structure for different power converters. In addition, SmartCtrl and PSIM are very well integrated. PSIM ac sweep results can be exported to SmartCtrl for control design, and controller schematic and parameters designed in SmartCtrl can be exported to PSIM for time-domain simulation. How to Install & Register o ************************ Run the included "PSIM" Installer using the Trial "psim.lic" from same folder nce installed replace "psim.lic" found in psim folder with the lic from Standalone folder Double click "Register PSIM.reg" file to Register your copyf PSIM Schematic password for v9 = psim2009MA1 PSIM BOOK ******** Copy all files from book folder to psim folder