Leica Hexagon HxMap v4.4.0


Leica Hexagon HxMap v4.4.0

This high-performance multi-sensor workflow platform provides a fast, intuitive, and efficient post-processing workflow. It is used to produce geospatial data products within one single interface. It provides production tools that take raw flight datasets through deliverable products refining radiometry and geometry.

You can create your post-processing workflow with one flexible and modular platform that you can customize to your specific application needs by adding software licenses only once you need them.

You and your staff only need to be proficient in a straightforward user interface to produce any available airborne data product. Don’t waste time moving your data from one software to another, but benefit from one end-to-end workflow.

It focuses on the download, quality control of flight sessions, and product generation of data acquired with the following Hexagon sensors.

  • Leica RCD30 (Nadir and Oblique) (1)
  • Leica DMC III
  • Leica ContentMapper
  • Leica CityMapper and CityMapper-2
  • Leica TerrainMapper and TerrainMapper-2
  • Leica SPL100 (Single Photon LiDAR)
  • Leica ALS80-HP and ALS80-UP

Features of Leica HxMap

  • Multi-sensor workflow platform
  • Fast, intuitive, and efficient
  • Produce geospatial data products
  • Saving you time and costs
  • Unprecedented data throughput
  • Easily adaptable to your needs