Chesapeake SonarWiz 8.0


Chesapeake SonarWiz 8.0

SonarWiz Feature Details

Survey Planning
  • Load background maps and charts from a range of formats including DNC, RNC, S57, and GeoTIFF.
  • Automatically plan survey lines parallel to a reference line, within a polygon based on either efficiency or conventional patterns.
  • Generate planned survey maps as a GeoPDF, GeoTIFF, ECW, JPEG or Google Earth.
  • Estimate survey timing.
  • Preview files with the SNIFF feature.
  • Add and fix navigation data with NavInjectorPro.
  • Leverage advanced signal processing and gain control; take advantage of features such as beam angle correction, de-striping, non-linear per channel TVG, AGC, Band Pass Filtering and Stacking, Contact (target) capture, annotation, and summary reporting via 3D Viewer.
  • Employ flexible layback configurations.
  • Easily printable output.
  • Grid/contour isopach-type shapefile / grid generation from selected variables (e.g. altitude + depth).
Hardware Compatibility

SonarWiz is compatible with the following Sonar Hardware:

  • Atlas NA, C-MAX, EdgeTech, Falmouth Scientific, GeoAcoustics, Imagenex, Innomar, Jetasonic, Klein Marine Systems, Knudsen, Kongsberg Hugin AUV,  Kongsberg Mesotech, Marine Sonic, PingDSP, R2Sonic, SyQwest, Teledyne Benthos, Teledyne Gavia, Teledyne Odom, and Tritech.
  • Please see our Supported Interfaces and File Formats for a list of the many formats we support. If you don’t see one you need just ask!
Real-Time Data Acquisition
  • Leverage the SonarWiz Layout Manager to position windows and menus for maximum efficiency; save frequently used layouts.
  • Control viewing of incoming statistics with System Info Display; edit and save display configurations.
  • Connect sensors and monitor positioning quality with GPS Quality parameter indicators.
  • Use right and left survey line indicators to facilitate helmsman operations.
  • Acquire sonar, navigation sensor, depth sensor, payout meter and magnetometer data simultaneously.
  • Configure the comprehensive real time signal processing and gain controls including Auto Gain, Auto TVG, Manual Linear Gain and Manual TV. Gains only affect visual information, not raw data.
  • Control mosaic creation in real time with Mosaic Mode; feature helps manage large surveys by displaying only data that’s been specifically requested.
  • Track towfish height above seafloor automatically with Real Time Bottom Tracker.
  • Capture contacts and digitize features in real time or post processing.
  • Preserve the full fidelity of sonar data across multiple formats. For example SonarWiz allows for recording in industry standard XTF or vendor-specific formats such as Edgetech JSF or GeoAcoustics GCF.