PIPE-FLO Advantage v18.1


PIPE-FLO Advantage v18.1
The PIPE-FLO, as part of Revalize, is pleased to announce the availability of Pipe-Flo 18.1 is a leading fluid flow design and modeling software which allows users to efficiently simulate and analyze complex fluid transport systems.

Version 18.1 Key Highlights:

New system resistance curve options
- New tabs on pump graph showing multiple pumps or multiple speeds
- New system curve option under tools menu for more in depth analysis
. Allows for different pump configurations
New user defined custom fields
-Unlimited new user defined fields allow for greater flexibility in model set up
-Enter in any number, true/false, or text
- Multiple uses
. During design process to highlight devices or interest
. Highlight sections/sub section of facility
. Display relevant equipment specific data
New graph options and reports
- Customizable fields to be displayed
- Customizable graphs to include in reports
New Overtime calculations
- Changing tank pressures due to liquid volume change in closed tanks
- Changing tank pressure due to mass of gasses when using Compressible Pipe (Advantage only)
Easier data importing from csv files
- Update devices via data import from csv files (Scripting license required)
- Make mass changes in tabular data for quicker changes and edits