Thermolflow Suite 19


* Post-combustion capture of CO2 from flue gas in combined cycles, and pre-combustion CO2 capture in IGCC plants are available in GT PRO/MASTER. * Post-combustion CO2 capture from flue gas is available in STEAM PRO/MASTER. * CO2 capture using physical or chemical absorption is available in THERMOFLEX to extract CO2 from flue gas or syngas streams. * GT PRO and GT MASTER include a large-format comprehensive heat balance diagram to display detailed heat and mass balance results for the entire plant model on a single flowsheet. A 4ft x 3ft (1220mm x 914mm) comprehensive heat balance printout for an IGCC plant is included to demonstrate this new feature. * STEAM PRO and STEAM MASTER include a grate-fired boiler option for modeling plants burning low grade fuels like municipal solid waste. * THERMOFLEX/PEACE includes additional shell-tube heat exchangers for use with a variety of fluids in liquid, two-phase, and vapor states. * THERMOFLEX Solar Field now includes linear Fresnel collector configuration, direct steam generation (DSG) capability, and cost estimation. Read update letter distributed with TFLOW19 for details. * 18 new gas turbine specifications were added to the GT library used by all THERMOFLOW programs. 2 gas turbine specifications were updated. The library now includes 372 engine specifications. 1) PEACE cost estimations have been revised significantly upward. Expect plant cost increases of 25 to 35% relative to estimates from Version 17. (2) The PEACE Schematic outputs for GT PRO and GT MASTER now include a 3 dimensional view of your plant. (3) Improvements made to THERMOFLEX provide more details for boiler design, and include a grate-fired furnace, an independent fuel pulverizer, a radiantly cooled passage, and addition of water wall heat transfer coincident with convective heat exchangers. (4) New components in THERMOFLEX accommodate modeling solar thermal cycles, which also prompted introduction of a new fluid type, Heat Transfer Fluid, to represent thermal oils. (5) GT PRO now includes a District Heating Wizard, and allows integration of an economizer in the HRSG with the district heating system. (6) A new file comparison feature compares GT PRO or GT MASTER files to reveal differences among their inputs. These developments along with a number of other smaller improvements are described in more detail below. GT PRO / GT MASTER / PEACE PEACE cost estimations have been revised sharply upwards since we last calibrated our cost functions, for release with Version 17. Significant increases in labor and commodities costs, as well as in major equipment costs, are now implemented in PEACE. The Regional Cost Multipliers and the Reference Exchange Rates have been adjusted for locations outside the U.S. A 3-dimensional view of the Site Layout can now be selected from among the PEACE Schematics. You can rotate or tilt the view as desired, providing a more comprehensive vision of the plant as a whole. Similar views are available for major plant systems. The District Heating Wizard, triggered with the now wider selection of district heating configurations in the Plant Criteria topic, will appear in the ST/DH Inputs topic. The wizard assists the design of the DH system which now includes ability to integrate an HRSG economizer with the bled steam district heating condensers. The Compare Files feature accessible from the menu bar, allows a thorough comparison of GT PRO or GT MASTER files, quickly revealing any differences among their inputs. File documentation has improved - warning and advisory messages displayed during computation can now be viewed as part of the Text Output, in the System\Messages tab, and the user can now append notes to the GT PRO or GT MASTER file via the Notes tab of the Plant Criteria topic, or the System\Notes tab of Text Output.