FRED (Fire, Release, Explosion, and Dispersion) is Shell’s consequence modelling tool used to predict the consequences of accidental and design releases from process, storage, transport, and distribution operations.

A couple of significant issues have been identified in the release of FRED 7.1 which can cause FRED to exit without saving results. We have therefore created a small fix to FRED to address these issues and also resolve a small number of usability issues that have been identified. This version of FRED is labeled FRED 7.1.1 and can be accessed through the Gexcon applications catalog. For a detailed and comprehensive list of all changes, please download FRED v7.1.1 Release Notes.

Since the 1980s, Shell has strived to continuously focus on the improvement and development of new scientific solutions within the process safety industry. Through Shell’s extensive programme of large-scale experiments and published scientific literature, FRED was developed and has evolved over 40 years to become known and trusted throughout the world.

Gexcon and Shell have been working together since 30 November 2017 to bring flexible safety modelling tools to the industry and develop new scientific solutions. Together, both parties have been continuously improving the tools’ efficiency, accuracy, flexibility, and user-friendliness to contribute to making the world a safer place.