• Lumerical MODE Solutions 4.0 Win64

    MODE Solutions accurately describes the physical behavior of arbitrary-geometry waveguide devices, empowering R&D scientists to innovate new design concepts. ..
    Language : english Authorization: Pre Release Freshtime:2010-03-21 Size: 96MB
  • Photopia 3.1

    hotopia is a fast and accurate photometric analysis program that produces comprehensive performance evaluations for non-imaging optical designs. Photopia allows you to produce virtual luminaires in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost of physical prototypes. With computer mod.....
    Language : English Authorization: Pre Release Freshtime:2010-03-19 Size: 83MB
  • T*SOL Expert 4.5

    T*SOL Expert 4.5 is now available with the brand new Solar Local District Heating module, which is the third extra module available with the programme. The extra module can be ordered in addition to the standard T*SOL Expert programme and is always included in the new T*SOL Expert Set.  .....
    Language : English Authorization: Pre Release Freshtime:2010-03-18 Size: 27MB
  • PV*SOL Expert 4.0.7

    PV*SOL Expert 4.0.7是一款设计和模拟电网连接和单独的光伏发电系统的工具。【名词解释】电网连接- 光伏发电(Grid-Connected - photovoltaic) 是一种由光伏发电板阵向电网提供电力的光伏发电系统。这些系统可由供电公司或个别楼宇来运作。 .....
    Language : English Authorization: Pre Release Freshtime:2010-03-18 Size: 34MB
  • DNV Phast 6.54

    This is now available as a download from the DNV Software Support web-site to all maintained customers. The CD has now been sent for duplication and we expect to start sending these out in the next 3-4 weeks. Please do not hesitate in contacting our Technical Support Team if you need advice on .....
    Language : english Authorization: Retail Freshtime:2010-03-12 Size: 482MB
  • TracePro 6.0.2 Win64

     获奖的TracePro是一套可以设计几乎所有的光学或照明系统的软件,并可以很容易地作为设计及分析的3D虚拟原型系统。还有Irradiance检视功能,将Healing husk结合入TracePro,逆向光线追踪,scheme编辑,ACIS R12核心,加强绘图能力,全新的CAD输入输出转档器,如相片般真实检视功能,这是它的64位版本。::::::English Description::::.....
    Language : english Authorization: Pre Release Freshtime:2010-03-02 Size: 212MB
  • TracePro 6.0.2 Win32

     TracePro 6.0.2 Win32 is a comprehensive, versatile software tool for modeling the propagation of light in imaging and non-imaging opto-mechanical systems. Models are created by importing from a lens design program or a Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) program or by directly creating the solid .....
    Language : English Authorization: Pre Release Freshtime:2010-03-02 Size: 167MB
  • HTRI Xchanger Suite 6.0

    HTRI is pleased to announce the availability of HTRI Xchanger Suite 6.0, the latest version of our industry-leading software for designing, rating, and simulating heat transfer equpment.Version 6.0 contains dozens of new features designed to make the software easier to use than ever before, while ou.....
    Language : english Authorization: Pre Release Freshtime:2010-01-06 Size: 278MB
  • Pipeline studio 3.2

    pipelinestudio PipelineStudio is the industry-leading pipeline design and engineering solution that combines graphical configuration and reporting tools with industry-proven simulation engines. It provides fast, accurate, robust and reliable answers to a wide range of steady-state and transient ana.....
    Language : english Authorization: Retail Freshtime:2009-11-29 Size: 220MB
  • TracePro 5.0.7

    TracePro 5.0.7 多国语言含简体中文版正式版发布!版本新功能如下:1. 可直接在Surface Source中波长设定2. 在Surface Source中新增了数据库3. 所有涉及使用到波长的功能都可以修改4. 在Raytrace下拉菜单中增加了Trace Luminance/ Radiance和Source/ Wavelength Selector5. Grid Source 和File Source对话框及Source tab of .....
    Language : Multilanguage Authorization: Pre Release Freshtime:2009-11-21 Size: 190MB

    vERSION 6.2.0 RELEASE NOTES CHEMCAD New Features and Enhancements * Introduced the CHEMCAD Report Writer system, which provides enhanced user-customizable reports (2006) * Added the capability to enter user-created BIPs into a database (1525) * Added the capability to generate equilater.....
    Language : english Authorization: Pre Release Freshtime:2009-11-20 Size: 178MB
  • BASAP 2009 reault V2R1

    BASAP 2009 reault ..
    Language : english Authorization: Retail Freshtime:2009-11-04 Size: 66MB
  • EZ-FRISK 7.35

    EZ-FRISK 7.35 is a software package used by engineers and seismologists to perform site-specific earthquake hazard analysis. The key capabilities are: Seismic Hazard Analysis — calculating the probability of earthquake ground shaking at the surface or in the bedrock beneath a site based .....
    Language : English Authorization: Retail Freshtime:2009-11-01 Size: 82MB
  • SHELL FRED 4.0

    SHELL FRED 4.0 new Release!Shell FRED (Fire, Release, Explosion, Dispersion) is a system which models the consequences of a release of product, both accidental and intentional. Its aim is to assist designers to produce safe and cost effective modifications to existing or new site layouts and des.....
    Language : English Authorization: Pre Release Freshtime:2009-10-28 Size: 16MB
  • Sulsim 6

    Sulsim是Sulphur Experts公司全流程硫回收模拟软件。  Sulsim采用交互式的图形界面使我们能够对硫回收的全流程和改进的克劳斯过程常用的单元操作,包括焚烧炉和其他一些尾气处理单元,做出完整的设定。交互式的设定功能允许我们在软件所支持的过程中增加或删除操作单元,通常这些过程包括改进克劳斯过程、亚露点克劳斯过程、.....
    Language : English Authorization: Retail Freshtime:2009-10-10 Size: 8MB
  • ReluxSuite 2009.1

    ReluxSuite 2009.1版本正式发布!ReluxSuite contains high-performance planning software for lighting planners, architects, electricians and other specialist planners. The programs are optimally coordinated and guarantee the very best results.The package contains the following programs: ReluxPro, Relu.....
    Language : English Authorization: Retail Freshtime:2009-10-09 Size: 4.05G
  • COADE Tank 3.1

    ::::::English Description::::::TANK is a comprehensive, easy-to-use software program for the design, analysis and evaluation of welded steel oil storage tanks according to the latest American Petroleum Institute (API) Standards 650 and 653. It provides owners, operators and engineering firms with qu.....
    Language : english Authorization: Pre Release Freshtime:2009-08-23 Size: 58MB
  • Optical LightTools 6.2

    Optical LightTools 6.2是基于互动三维实体建模的全套照明设计软件包,它融合了极度精确的光学设计功能与强大的分析功能。 快速对照明应用进行虚拟原型制作 强健、精确的蒙特卡罗光线追迹 突破性的照明优化功能,自动改善系统性能 高速仿真渲染,以验证最终设计或演示产品LightTools是一个全新的具有光学精度的.....
    Language : English Authorization: Pre Release Freshtime:2009-08-06 Size: 461MB
  • MDSolids 3.5

    MDSolids是一款优秀的材料力学教学辅助软件。MDSolids 能够解决和解释每本教科书所列出的课外作业问题。::::::English Description::::::MDSolids is educational software for students taking the Mechanics of Materials course (also commonly called Strength of Materials or Mechanics of Deformable Solids). Th.....
    Language : English Authorization: Retail Freshtime:2009-05-05 Size: 10MB

    For 40 years, SimSci-Esscor®’s advanced applications have improved asset performance and utilization with integrated simulation, optimization, training, and process control software and services. Spanning the entire lifecycle of modern processing facilities, customers range from the novice user to.....
    Language : english Authorization: Retail Freshtime:2009-05-03 Size: 465MB
  • TracePro Bridge 4.1.8 for SolidWorks

    Managing Design Work Flow The design, tolerancing and documentation of optical systems require a high level of collaboration between optical and mechanical engineers. Design teams face increasingly shorter product development cycles and lower R&D budgets. To effectively manage collaborative work flo.....
    Language : english Authorization: Pre Release Freshtime:2009-05-03 Size: 12MB
  • ZEMAX 2008.11.10

    ZEMAX软件应用的领域包括:★ 传统相机镜头、数码相机镜头、显微镜、望远镜、目镜等镜头设计等 ★ 各种变焦镜头、手机摄像头等★ 各种夜视系统、光学发射天线等★ LCD 背光板和LED建摸★ 光管、光纤连接器等通信系统和元器件★ 车灯等各种照明系统设计和分析★ DVD、VCD 激光读写头★&.....
    Language : English Authorization: Pre Release Freshtime:2009-05-03 Size: 19MB
  • PSE gProms 3.15

    世界领先的gPROMS先进过程建模(APM)软件及相关服务提供商Process Systems Enterprise(PSE),今天推出第二代gPROMS过程建模平台gPROMS v3.15。 gPROMS被石油和天然气、化学品、药品和类似部门的大型过程工业公司广泛使用,以通过应用高精确度的过程和产品的数学模型加快创新,管理开发风险及优化过程的设计和运行。 gPROMS v3.15是.....
    Language : English Authorization: Pre Release Freshtime:2009-02-08 Size: 255MB
  • OSLO Premium Edition 6.4.6

    OSLO® Leading Lens Design Software OSLO (Optics Software for Layout and Optimization) is a powerful optics design software program with the scope needed to meet today’s optics requirements. In addition to classical lens design features, OSLO combines advanced ray tracing, analysis, and optimizati.....
    Language : english Authorization: Pre Release Freshtime:2009-01-22 Size: 13MB
  • Photon FRED 7.5

    FRED是一款美国的著名光学设计分析软件。 ..
    Language : English Authorization: Retail Freshtime:2008-11-04 Size: 65MB