LIGHTTOOLS V8.0 for win64_win32


LightTools delivers true design capabilities, accurate analyses, and high-powered product visualization features that will help you get illumination systems to market faster. Explore LightTools’ key features in more detail to find out how it can meet your specific illumination design needs. RAPID MODEL CREATION WITH LIGHTTOOLS LightTools’ robust design features help you quickly and efficiently create and modify your illumination system design, from initial concept phases to subsequent engineering iterations and refinements. Key design features ▼ REACH THE BEST DESIGN SOLUTION FASTER WITH LIGHTTOOLS OPTIMIZATION LightTools is the first illumination design and analysis software to deliver a fully integrated system optimization tool. The LightTools optimization module improves the performance of virtually any type of illumination system, and gives designers tremendous flexibility to choose from hundreds of system parameters to designate as variables in order to achieve specified luminance, illuminance or output intensity distribution goals. Key optimization features ▼ PRODUCTIVITY & CUSTOMIZATION LightTools offers many time-saving solutions to help you focus more on designing your system, and less on setup tasks. Key productivity features ▼ CHOICE OF MODULES LightTools has multiple modules that can be licensed in various configurations to best match your needs. The Core Module is a prerequisite for all other modules, which include the Illumination Module, Optimization Module, and Image Path Module. LightTools also provides optional file translators to and from three standard CAD formats: STEP, IGES, and SAT. Direct CATIA data exchange, Advanced Physics, and SolidWorks Link Module is also available. More about modules


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