Hexagon PC-DMIS Premium 2023.2


Hexagon PC-DMIS Premium 2023.2
PC-DMIS metrology software enables dimensional measurement data to flow through your organisation, because quality is the grounding truth for design and manufacturing. PC-DMIS 2023.2 gives you more control and simplicity for greater efficiency. The latest update delivers more efficiency gains with a range of new smart features and updates to popular tools. Create new features faster with enhanced Measurement Strategies. Navigate complex objects with an updated ClearanceCube. Generate a pointcloud from CAD models for offline routine creation without scanning a physical part. And much more.

PC-DMIS 2023.2 continues to innovate with smart, time saving features that will make programming measurement routines easier and more intuitive.

Create pointcloud routines offline without scanning a physical part. Portable CMM users can now simulate point cloud data and practice working with feature extraction and dimensioning offline.

Updated Measurement Strategies for hassle free feature creation. Quick Path display visualises the probe path whilst using Quick Features to Identify potential collisions when creating measurement routines. Smart Ending offset considers the effective working length of the tip in use to avoid shanking.

Add move points to Auto Feature plane with a Touch Trigger Probe to avoid fixture clamps or obstacles. AutoPlane now has same level of flexibility as Measured Feature.

This update enables path generation for parts with more complex geometries. ClearanceCube is now more user friendly - settings are easier to define and use with click and drag editing of dimensional parameters.

Easily review steps in an offline measurement routine by speeding up or slowing down at critical or problematic stages for debugging. Easy to access from the execution dialogue and adjustable in real time.

Use feature hits to create a Best Fit construction with just a few clicks. Previously the single mean position of all the points of the feature would be highlighted – these single points caused an error for Best Fit construction where multiple points are needed. With Select all hits – each hit from individual planes are easily selected and added to a Best Fit construction.


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