Overview of BUW EMX (Expert Moldbase Extentions) for Creo

Creo Expert Moldbase Extension provides a dedicated graphical interface with a schematic 2D view of finished model block designs and individual components.

The selection of the main parameters of the mold components is carried out in a two-dimensional model. When it is necessary to specify the parameters for placing a particular component, the designer refers to the three-dimensional structure.

High productivity in the design of a model block because the designer creates a mold from ready-made adaptive components - "cubes" for which drawing templates have already been created.

Features of BUW EMX (Expert Moldbase Extentions) for Creo

  • Development of a mold for a specific casting machine with the calculation of the required clamping force.
  • Automated creation of a control program for machining holes in plates.
  • Calculation of the cost of the mold.
  • Create your own library of plates, components, structures of mechanisms and model blocks in dialogue mode.
  • Quick learning module, interactive reference guide with animations.
  • Automatic placement of mold components with subsequent removal of material in the plates.
  • Automatic generation of specifications, assembly drawings and slab drawings.
  • Automatic creation of associative hole tables in drawings.