PTC Creo 2.0 M010 Full Multilanguage


CAD / CAM / CAE System American company PTC (Parametric Technology Corporation) is a CAD system of the upper level and covers all areas of design, production planning and manufacturing. Wide range of three-dimensional modeling apparatus, the high quality of the result and its resistance to subsequent changes made by Creo system one of the leading CAD / CAM / CAE-systems, and have direct access to the system life cycle support product Windchill PDMLink Creo translates into the category of PLM-systems . LOSTCreo is a scalable suite of integrated applications more interoperable, function covering the entire field of product development. Creo product design applications so that the different roles of the product development team can use the most suitable for their own tools, users can fully participate in the product development process. Creo also improve the interoperability, to ensure easy sharing of data between internal and external teams. LOST new package as a set of scalable, the Creo 1.0 covers all the 2D and 3D design nine mainstream applications: including Sketch, Layout, Parametric, Direct, the Simulate, Schematics, Illustrate, View the ECAD and View MCAD. wxf3792 LOST design engineers, industrial designers, analysts and other users can find a set of optimized functions for their own role in this package. These nine applications include: LOSTCreo Sketch easily create 2D hand-drawn sketches; LOSTCreo Layout to easily create 2D conceptual design and engineering solutions; LOSTCreo Parametric original Pro / E products have turned into the core product; LOSTCreo Direct fast and flexible direct modeling technology to create and edit 3D geometry file; LOSTCreo Simulate the structure and thermal properties; 2D the Schematics create a pipeline and cable systems in LOSTCreo designed cabling diagram; The LOSTCreo Illustrate reuse of 3D CAD data to generate rich, interactive 3D technical illustrations LOSTCreo View ECAD to quickly view and analyze electronic CAD files. LOSTCreo View MCAD speed up the speed of design review


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