R&B ElectrodeWorks 2022 SP1


R&B ElectrodeWorks 2022 SP1

R&B, developer of the computer-aided mold design (CAMD) technology used by over 1,500 customers around the world, announces the release of ElectrodeWorks 2019 Service Pack 0 for SOLIDWORKS 2015 through 2020.

This service pack includes extra EDM post-processor customization files, new Post-processor machine definitions and output and modifications of nearly every menu to include improvements and debug. Improvements include ability to define alternative burn direction properly align electrode coordinate systems to x-axis, localized project settings, holder folders to add holders to blanks and new default options.

ElectrodeWorks automates all aspects of extraction, design, management, documentation and manufacturing of EDM electrodes. Fully integrated into the SOLIDWORKS environment ElectrodeWorks guides you through the electrode design and production process. You design the electrode through a comprehensive yet easy to use user interface; the electrode manufacturing and EDM positioning drawings, and the machining files are created automatically.

R&B, Ltd. develops and markets powerful, easy-to-use; 3D mold design tools for the plastic mold and die industry. Today, R&B develops the following products: MoldWorks, SplitWorks, and ElectrodeWorks for SOLIDWORKS and MoldBase for CoCreate(PTC) all running within native CAD products. R&B’s CAMD solutions provide engineers with intuitive intelligence, powerful functionality, unprecedented ease-of-use and a huge library of commercial components from numerous manufacturers. R&B distributes its products through a network of distributors and resellers worldwide.