ASMTower 2024


ASMTower 2024

Advanced Structural Modeling for Towers

ASMTower is an advanced software designed to rapidly analyze, design, and streamline the preparation of fabrication drawings for telecom towers. With comprehensive output capabilities based on both graphics and text, ASMTower offers a complete solution for tower design and analysis.

You can analysis and design different types of structures such as tapered/stepped monopoles, lattice towers, guyed masts, guyed poles and strut (bracketed) masts or poles. ASMTower calculates all required data from structure loading, linear/nonlinear analysis, buckling lengths, effective buckling length, member strength, bolt strength, anchor bolt strength, anchor development length, foundation analysis, foundation stability checks, interaction diagrams for RC columns, and prepared 3D model in Tekla to prepare shop drawings.

ASMTower allows for the assignment of various appurtenances to all types of structures, including steel ladders, step bolts, safety wires, feeders, panel antennas, microwave antennas, satellite dishes, solar panels, and generic appurtenances.

ASMTower supports the American code ANSI/TIA-222-I / H, which includes wind turbine structures design within its scope.