This release is a significant step into design exploration. Many new features are introduced to help companies analyse and design screw machines more easily.


Few examples of new features:

  • A first of its kind in Screw Machine Technology a new Design Exploration Framework for complete parametric analysis of these machines.
  • New Twin Screw Expander thermodynamic chamber model in the SCORG thermodynamic multi-chamber model, with analysis reports and performance plots.
  • Thermodynamic Performance Maps (specific power, efficiency vs rotational speed) can now be directly plotted in SCORG GUI using the new chart utility.
  • NIST – REFPROP 10 integration and real fluid definitions are now available for both compressors and expanders.
  • Calculation and Post-Processing of rotor deflections due to operating loads to complement the bearing selection module.
  • SCORG Grid module, our state of the art combination of analytical and differential grid generation for leading commercial CFD solvers such as ANSYS CFX, ANSYS FLUENT, Simerics-MP+, Star-CCM+ and OpenFOAM CFD results in the best numerical mesh in the market for rotary positive displacement flow machines with helical screw rotors or gears.
  • The full functionality is made available in the Design Exploration Framework along with CAD export to ANSYS Forte CFD solver.
  • New templates and multi-objective optimisation functionality for GT-Suite solver from Gamma Technologies. The integration of SCORG and GT-Suite utilises a variety of optimisation routines built in GT-SUITE and can be based on either SCORG or GT-Suite performance solvers.