SDC Verifier 2023


SDC Verifier 2023
What’s New in SDC Verifier 2023 R2
New Features:

This release introduces a brand new SDC Verifier solution with modeling capabilities, calculation with Simcenter Nastran solver, and all the well-known SDC Verifier standards verification features.

    All fatigue standards (DIN 15018 (1984), DNV RP C-203 (2016), DVS 1608 and 1612, EN 13001 Fatigue (2018), Eurocode3 Fatigue (EN1993-1-9, 2005), F.E.M. 1.001 (3rd, 1998), FKM (5th, 2003), FKM (6th, 2012)) have now updated formula to use Hot Spot Stresses in calculation.
    Automatic detection of solid welds and Weld Stresses conversion for fatigue calculations.

Automatic solid welds detection

    New standard for beam member checks: AISC 360-22 Members (2022).

AISC 360-22 Member Check SDC Verifier Interface window

    New standard for bolt check VDI 2230 Bolts (Part 1, 2015). Also includes a library for bolts.

VDI 2230 Bolt Check SDC Verifier Interface window
VDI 2230 Bolt Check SDC Verifier Interface window. Bolt Dimension Characteristics
VDI 2230 Bolt Check SDC Verifier Bolt Library

    Weld strength implementation in EN 13001 Weld Strength (2018)

EN 13001 Weld Strength (2018) SDC Verifier Interface window

    Support of Ansys 2023 R2, Femap 2306, Simcenter 3D 2212 and 2306.
    Predefined Load Combinations to combine basic loads with factors according to EN 13001 and Eurocode 0 standards:

Predefined Load Combinations window
Predefined Load Combinations by EN 13001

    Rainflow Fatigue Summation Check

Rainflow Fatigue Summation Check

    Added coordinate system for Model Information, Materials Summary (Femap, Simcenter 3D), Property Summary (Femap, Simcenter 3D), Material and Property items in Report.
    Updated UI for embed mode in Femap:

SDC Verifier embeded in Femap UI
Bug Fixes:

    Optimization Tool was calculated incorrectly when Load Group was selected and the Load Calculation = All Loads option was selected in check.
    Always minimum value was displayed for Load Group in Summarized Forces (over nodes) table for Line Element Force category.
    The incorrect result was returned in checks for variable ‘Element.IsHotSpotCalculated’.
    Mapped Shape:
        Dimensions Recovery for the same shape type did not work for Nastran Shapes;
        Incorrect parameters were sometimes displayed when changing orientation in Mapped Shape window;
        Total difference was displayed differently in Beam/Bar control and in Mapped Shape window;
    Results were cleared in Load Groups and Fatigue Groups when pressing Apply and there were no modifications.
        An error appeared when previewing contour plots (Simcenter 3D);
        No Legend was displayed when using a View with an exponent format (Femap);
        Contour Check plot was always displayed with ‘No Averaging’ data conversion option (Simcenter 3D);
        Data Conversion was not taken into account in Contour Check plot when previewing with current View (Femap);
        Plate buckling plot used the result from the last element instead of absolute maximum if there were sections with duplicated elements;
        Display unit system was not included in stiffener buckling plots;
        The same value was displayed for solid elements when ‘No Averaging’ option was turned on in Contour Plots (Femap);
        After copying of governing loads and edited selection in one governing load – it was changed in all copies;
        Plot/Tables could not be added in Report for Joint Check;
        The Fatigue Check Plots remained in Report after removing the Load Group from the Fatigue Group;
        Display Unit System was not included when displaying Fatigue Check and Weld Check Contour Plots;
        Incorrect Density was displayed in Material Summary item after updating the model;
        Saved item content was added after opening the report even if item was turned off;
        Blank Weld Check (No Load) Contour Plot was displayed in Report after generation (Femap);
    Results were not cleared after changing load history in Rainflow Counting Tool.
    Crash appeared when filling table for Stiffener Buckling (no load) check.
    Plate non-linear Stress results were not read (Femap).
    SDC Verifier node was created in Mechanical Tree even if it was not linked to the system that leaded to corruption of some solutions (Ansys).