QPS Qinsy 9.6.2


QPS Qinsy 9.6.2
Qinsy software is a simple to use yet powerful multibeam software developed and designed by QPS in the Netherlands.

Satisfies multi-beam and single-beam measurements

Adaptable to Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10,11

Qinsy data acquisition + Qimera data post-processing
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Qinsy multibeam software

Real time 3D display of bathymetry points

◎Comprehensive coverage of multibeam field operation needs

Connect multiple marine equipment to work at the same time

Multi-window display for real-time monitoring of the survey process

Automatic correction and rejection of real-time bathymetric data

Generate colorful gridded bathymetry data in real time

Correction of attitude, tide level, GPS, RTK, SVP and mounting angle.

Output data including: strip bathymetry data, side-scan image data, position data, bearing data and survey vessel attitude data, etc.