CPFD Barracuda Virtual Reactor 24.0


CPFD Barracuda Virtual Reactor 24.0

New features in 24.0 include:

  • Time-Varying Gravity
  • Particle-to-Particle Thermal Conduction
  • Directional Momentum Redirection
  • BC Connector Pressure Feedback
  • SFF Option to Disable Interpolation
  • Monitor Run Automated Plots

For an overview of 24.0, please view our “Getting Started with Virtual Reactor 24.0” w

To download this release, visit the Barracuda Virtual Reactor 24.0 Release page.  (CPFD Support Site account required for login).

About CPFD Software

CPFD Software is advancing multiphase simulation and technology. Our flagship product, Barracuda Virtual Reactor, is a physics-based engineering software package that simulates the three-dimensional, transient, fluid-particle hydrodynamics, heat balance, and chemical reactions in industrial fluidized bed reactors and other fluid-particle systems.

Virtual Reactor enables researchers and engineers working with diverse sustainability, renewables, and decarbonization technologies to explore a broad range of ideas, reduce physical testing costs, and minimize development risk, all while accelerating commercialization, scale-up, and overall time to market. The simulation results provide an objective basis for effectively communicating technological merits to partners, customers, and investors, while increasing market exposure and bolstering patent applications. The Virtual Reactor technology can be accessed via software licensing, services, or custom collaborative arrangements.