Altair HyperWorks v11.0.0.47 for win32&win64


Altair® HyperWorks® introduces a novel set of comprehensive enterprise software modules, tightly integrated with the HyperWorks platform, making the management of CAE and test data a natural and enjoyable experience. Altair HyperWorks Enterprise always exceeds users’ expectations, providing unsurpassed flexibility, ease-of-use and efficiency to accelerate the product development lifecycle. Capabilities Altair HyperWorks Enterprise offers the most comprehensive set of capabilities to manage and automate CAE and test analysis. # Starting at the user level, functionalities are included and integrated into the Altair's desktop products, enriching the HyperWorks user experience with enterprise capabilities. # Superior performance, scalability, security and reliability are assured leveraging industry leading data management resources. # At the Enterprise level users are provided with an modern and intuitive web based interface, managing data and knowledge in the Cloud. HyperWorks Collaboration Tools: Available with the standard Altair HyperWorks installation, the Collaboration Tools functionalities are completely out-of-the-box, enabling extended collaboration in an integrated, natural and affordable simulation management environment. Functionalities include: # Manage personal and team CAE data from well integrated GUIs inside HyperWorks Desktop. # Share data among multiple engineering teams for collaboration between users with the appropriate access rights. # Connect to PDM systems to obtain product BOM (Bill of Materials) and CAD geometry. # Capture the best practices and automate the most tedious phases of the product development process. # Author, edit, and execute processes inside HyperWorks Desktop or in standalone mode. HyperWorks Enterprise: Larger enterprises needs are addressed through a modern Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The robust embedded enterprise class database supports thousands of concurrent users, providing services through easily pluggable and customizable web apps. The deployment time and cost has been reduced to a minimum, making the process effortless for both users and the IT department. Open, Configurable and Customizable Solution Altair understands the importance of choosing the right solution for the right purpose. Our enterprise offer is both configurable - in order to capture domain specific knowledge - and customizable, therefore adapting to the customer’s PLM process flow. As a result, configuration and customization services can be offered - leveraging the expertise of our ProductDesign teams - on top of our out-of-the-box proposals where required by the customer, in order to maximize the value of the deployed solution.


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