CEI ENSIGHT GOLD v9.1.2c for Windows/MacOSX/Linux | 2 GB EnSight - FEA and CFD post-processing visualization: Are you seeing all you should see in your engineering and scientific postprocessing? If not, then EnSight is the tool for you. With the largest set of features of any visualization/post-processing tool in existence, EnSight lets you see what you've been unable to display and document in the past. An icon-based user interface allows you to learn the program quickly and to move easily into layers of increased functionality. Plus, EnSight works on all major computing platforms and supports interfaces to most major CAE programs and data formats. The power of EnSight software includes all the power of EnSight Lite plus the following features: * Runs standalone or distributed using client-server operation on Windows, Apple, Linux (SGI IRIX, SUN Solaris, IBM AIX, and HP are supported in EnSight version 8.2 and earlier). IBM AIX continues to be support for EnSight servers in versions 9.0 and 9.1. * Reads multiple data sets and enables you to run comparisons between them. The data can originate from different solvers and/or different disciplines. * Runs in parallel on up to 2 processors on shared memory computer systems. * Post-processes data remotely with client-server operation.