Lectra Modaris v7R1 SP3


ectra’s complete solution to the challenges of product development empowers companies to manage resources with precision and make the informed decisions necessary to create successful collections. Smart product developmentDeveloped to meet industry demands for shorter lead times, perfect fit, and streamlined silhouette development, Lectra product development solutions are the reference for the biggest names in fashion. They are currently the most widely-used pattern development solutions in the world. The Modaris range of pattern making, grading, and 3D prototyping solutions enables better fit thanks to a combination of intelligent pattern development tools and virtual sampling that support collaboration across departments and with suppliers, contributing to a more efficient supply chain from concept to production. Lectra’s pre-costing and prototyping tools complete smart product development with precise material measurement and accelerated sampling that enable intelligent investments and resource management. Design to Cost provides visibility into the true cost of apparel collections. By combining smart technology and an efficient process, this approach allows companies to take production constraints into account from the conceptualization stage. Understanding cost from the conceptualization phase Material is one of the key drivers of the cost of a garment, so by integrating print, knit and woven fabric designs with pattern pieces and markers, Design to Cost gives insight into the impact designs have on material consumption. Understanding cost from the conceptualization phase, before physical samples have been created or materials ordered, means better control over the final product. Having better information about fabric consumption also strengthens bargaining power with fabric suppliers and manufacturers. Multi-disciplinary approach to pre-costing Large repeats or engineered designs for prints, wovens and knits pose particular challenges at the pre-costing stage. Lectra’s Diamino allows fabric - even those still in development - to be visualized on costing and production markers to see the interplay of style, volume, fabric design and fabric constraints and the impact on material consumption. Understanding the potential impact of design choices on production costs early on helps avoid wasting time on products that would otherwise turn out to be unprofitable. Lectra’s Design to Cost approach combines marker constraints, including fabric and garment type, symmetry, and motif size and repeat, and automates time-consuming tasks, such as the remaking of markers. Drawing on textile and fashion design, pattern-making, markers and 3D prototyping technologies and expertise, Lectra’s Design to Cost solution takes a multi-disciplinary approach to pre-costing to help companies make the most of their development knowledge and prepare for successful final production.