F.A.Q(Frequently Asked Questions )  
1. Is your software educational or trial or demo version?
No, Our software is full version but you should use it only for educational purpose. If you need software for commercial purpose ,you must purchase original software.
2.How do I search for softwares?
Click on the Search button and key in the title or subject.

3.How does the stuff work?
Use WINRAR programe.extract all *.r00,*.r01.....*.rar files,you can get the
CDimage file *.bin and *.cue,you can burn cd directly(use? Alcohol 120%),or use
the isoBuster.exe programe to extract your HardDisk("open"---"file type"choose "
CDR Win(*.bin)"--open the *.bin file---choose all files,and right click---Extract files---OK
plz open *.nfo file of every appz with Notepad or WordPad programe,you can find how to?
install and crack for these appz.

4.About ISO version and RIP version Software:
Ripped version is normally a version which contains the major files for a typical installation of the program.It's made for ppl who have a slow Internet connections like modem.Usually,the sample files,clip-arts,some documentation files, trial-version programs that may be contained in the ISO are ripped off in order to keep the ripped program's size as small as it can be.

ISO is a 1:1 image of the original source CD.In other words,(and in many cases),you will get everything the original CD has.As you can guess,ISO file is usually very big,say,several hundreds of MBs,while a ripped program is usually less than 100MB,mostly 20-50MB.

5.How to download the Software:
Use Flashfxp or Cuteftp ftp tools ,fill our send you ftp info.

6.Some Tools Download
Alcohol 120%

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