DNV GL Phast Safeti 9.0.73


DNV GL Phast Safeti 9.0.73

Phast is a globally adopted solution for modelling discharge, dispersion, fires, explosions and toxic effects of a wide range of loss of containment scenarios.

Process safety professionals benefit from 40 years’ worth of development and validation by our industry experts and its continued use by more than 10,000 users across 1,000 organizations.


Optimise your design, validate your process and meet your safety obligations

Whether it's to design a flare stack, provide input to your HAZOPs or plan for emergencies, the Phast software gives you the tools to meet your goals and to have confidence in your work.

Communicate with your customers or stakeholders using Phast's presentation of key results in 2D graphs, a 3D viewer and in Word and Excel reports for easy communication


Solve a range of problems with a diverse set of scenarios and effects

Loss of containment scenarios from pressure vessels, storage tanks, pipework and pipelines are easy to create. Phast automatically determines the type and extent of the consequence effects. 

Within a matter of seconds, you can have the answer to the problem you are trying to solve.

Also supported are a range of "standalone" models, user-defined sources and adjustable parameters, giving you full control for specifying loss of containment scenarios.