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MicroSurvey CAD 2023

What’s New in Version 23.0.4
What’s New and Improved
• The IntelliCAD 11.1 engine has been added to the program. See the IntelliCAD section for more details.
• Updated the EpcA SDK to 2023.0 for point cloud functionality.
• The ability to disable the xx##xx database warning for point ID’s and line labels through a checkbox in the
System Toggles > CAD Drawing Controls.
• MS_RESCALE now retains the designated label style index (1 through 5) for bearing/azimuth and distance
labels during the rescale operation for lines. Bearing/azimuth and distance label styles can be defined on the
MsAnnotate ribbon in the Defaults section.
• MS_RESCALE will now retain the custom position of point and line labels connected to the MicroSurvey
database rather than revert them to the default position. Labels will be shifted from the point node a
proportional distance to the increase in text size, this retains the desired spacing between text rows in the
labels. To refresh the position of point labels, use the MS_POINTUPDATE command.
Bug Fixes
• We have completed many stability and foundational improvements in the background of MicroSurvey CAD
• AutoMap substitution coding – fixed a defect where sometimes substitution coding would not plot point
attributes in the plotted description using the inline code $1. For more information, we discuss substitution
coding in depth in this Helpdesk article.
• Save as DWT – Fixed a defect related to saving a DWT with a new filename which caused a crash.
• Wildcards used in the AutoMAP library for drawing linework are handled as described in the help
documentation under the heading Wildcards.
• Prompt Boxes for some commands no longer flicker when the mouse cursor is moved.
• ASCII_IN will no longer crash when importing space delimited points without elevations.
• Resolved some problems with text styles not retaining their properties after running the REGEN command.
Known Issues
• MS_RESCALE will update aspects of polyline labels to the currently set distance and bearing label style which
is the same as in the MicroSurvey CAD 2022.1 release