Gibbs.Compost 14.0.16


ComPost is an application used to develop Post Processors. The Post Processor in tur creates
the machine controller program (File). ComPost can be used by itself to create a new Post Processor by
defining the machine speciftcation (Form) and writing a program (Prog) to properly descnibe and format the
Form. Once the Prog and Fom have been detned it is aiso used to compile the two tereate the Post
ComPost can also be used to modify and customize an existing post processor. To do this you will need to
have both the Prog and Form named identicaly, e g prog-td and "Fomm.pst"
Before creating a new post processor, be sure to
Research and identify all codes and formats in the Form.
Modify an existing Prog, known to be good to get the desired output.
Test the entire compiled processor.