Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Premium 2022 SP2.0


Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Premium 2022 SP2.0
Dassault Systemes SolidWorks is a system of computer-aided design, engineering analysis and production preparation of products of any complexity and purpose. Dassault Systemes SolidWorks is the core of an integrated complex of enterprise automation, with the help of which the support of the product life cycle in accordance with the concept of CALS-technologies, including bidirectional data exchange with other Windows-applications and the creation of interactive documentation. Complex solutions Dassault Systemes SolidWorks are based on advanced technologies of hybrid parametric modeling and a wide range of specialized modules. The software operates on the Windows platform, has support for the Russian language, and, accordingly, supports GOST and ESCD.

Chamfers and roundings” assemblies
In assemblies the user can specify roundings and chamfers, which are useful in preparation for welding. As with other assembly features, these features can be extended to the parts they affect.
Displaying welds
Simplified welds can be added to assemblies. Simplified welds provide a lightweight, simple representation of welds.
In previous versions of SolidWorks software, welds had to be added as components of an assembly. This method is no longer used. However, you can still edit existing weld components.
Deleting elements for an assembly
The Defeature tool allows you to remove elements of a part or assembly and save the results in a new file, where the elements are replaced with a simple solid (namely, a solid with no element definition or history). The new file can then be shared without displaying the model design elements.

Alignment options for the dimension palette
Alignment tools are available on the dimension palette when more than one dimension is selected. To display the dimension palette, select the dimensions and place the pointer over the Dimension Palette radio button.
Auto-place sizes
The Auto-place dimensions tool places sizes quickly and easily. When you use Auto-place sizes, the selected sizes are placed as follows:
- From smallest to largest.
- Aligned and centered, if possible.
- Arranged with the spacing defined in Document Properties - Dimensions.
- Arranged to avoid overlap.
- Arranged discontinuously, if necessary.
Support for double units of measure
It is now possible to display double units of measure in hole tables. For example, you can display a hole size in both illimeters and inches.
To display dual dimensions in hole tables, click Tools > Options > Document Properties > Tables > Holes. In the Dual Dimensions section, select Display Dual Dimensions. To display units of measure, select Display dual units of measure.
You can also right-click in the hole table and click Show double dimensions. If you want to display double dimensions, you can right-click in the hole table and click Display double dimension units.
Support for welds in drawings
You can insert bidirectional weld designations attached to weld paths in drawings. Click Insert > Model Elements and in the Notes section, click Weld Designation.
It is possible to insert weld designations, track welds, and end treatments for welds in specific views. Click Insert > Model Elements and in the Source/Designation section, click Selected Element for the Source option. In the Notes section, select Weld Designation, Gooseneck, or End Treatment. Move the pointer to highlight the weld path and click to place the note.
It is also possible to select weld features from the FeatureManager design tree in the Model Elements command.