he improvements inside SSI ShipConstructor 2024 have been developed to address the challenges that add the most risk to ongoing and future projects. In this release, we’ve improved the functional to detailed design workflow and made it easier to visualize the 3D workspace, make engineering changes across hulls, and easily apply rules to projects.

Both new and experienced users will also be keen to see the updates to SSI Nexus and the refreshed training now available. Read on to see a detailed breakdown of the latest enhancements, and watch the release webinar to get a first-hand look at what’s new.

Detailed Enhancements

Programmatically replace equipment

During functional design, dummy or placeholder equipment might be used while information on the final equipment stock is not yet available or determined. With SSI 2024, simplify that workflow and replace equipment stocks with just one command, all while maintaining relationships, part identities, and other metadata. Any changes made are captured through version history.

Visualize the 3D workspace with WorkView

The 3D model for a project reflects the complexity of the project. WorkView allows you to take advantage of the entire model but filter for just the area being worked in and see the surrounding parts that are impacted or needed for context. For example, visualize only what is connected or adjacent to a set of pipe parts.


By defining the exact area of the model that the designer wants to work in, we’ve removed the need to load PartViews by assembly, compartment, drawing, or other specific criteria. Create the WorkView, resize it to focus on the area you care about, refresh the view, and see the visualization update. Filter by part type to further refine the 3D model and see only what is most important.

In addition:

  • SCPARTVIEWREFRESH now loads PartViews via WorkView and refreshes all PartViews in the drawing.
  • SCPARTVIEWREFRESH now respects the PartView filter so that users can update the filter to view the specific Part types in the drawing.