NI LabVIEW 2023 Q3 v23.3.0


NI LabVIEW 2023 Q3 v23.3.0

Diagram zoom

One of the most asked features is finally here, the diagram zoom functionality. With the new Diagram Zoom, you can easily zoom in and out using Ctrl and the scroll wheel. Several new keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl - -, Ctrl - + for zooming in and out, and Ctrl - 0 to zoom to actual size make it even more convenient.

It’s a shame NI still hasn’t implemented zoom for the front panel, the place where we actually need the zoom function for pixel perfect placement of UI elements.

Double-click to Finish Wire

Gone are the days of fumbling around to finish your wiring. Double-click, and you can complete your wire and place a connected control or indicator. You even get options like creating a constant, control, or indicator by right clicking while wiring.

Find All Instances When VI Running

You can now right-click on a subVI and find all its instances even when it's running. This is a game-changer when debugging when running your application.

They also added the following right click menu commands for subVI’s when running the subVI

  • Open Malleable VI Front Panel
  • Open Front Panel
  • Open Generic VI
  • Open Polymorphic VI
  • Show VI Hierarchy


Quick Change List & Palette

If you're keen on efficiency, you'll love the Quick Change List. Just hit Ctrl+Space and transform text in a free label to an object type of your choice.