VPI Photonics v11.4


VPI Photonics v11.4

At VPIphotonics we integrate efficient simulation techniques and professional design functions for integrated photonic devices, components, optical transmission system and network applications.

This enables interoperability with 3rd party simulation, design and programming software, and test & measurement equipment.

We seek industry leading solutions to chart new frontiers via forward-looking industrial and research collaborations.

The VPIphotonics optical link engineering software offers a simple way to design the cost-effective optical network configuration and provides unified approach to control equipment library and engineering methodologies.


There are several application examples which demonstrate some major steps of the design workflow, system performance evaluation and interoperability with third-party software via the Application Programming Interface of the product.


VPIphotonics optical design and configuration products come with an extensive library of over 700 demonstration applications. Additional application examples are available on the VPIphotonics Forum and on request.