Leica JetStream Enterprise 2022


Leica JetStream Enterprise 2022

Leica JetStream Seamlessly Integrates Point Cloud Data

Simplified point cloud access and ultra-high-speed rendering

Accessing JetStream Projects from CAD
Cyclone PUBLISHER or Cyclone PUBLISHER Pro is the first step in accessing your JetStream Projects within your preferred CAD system. A Cyclone PUBLISHER family license allows your Cyclone products to publish project data to your JetStream Enterprise server for reading by the CloudWorx plugin of your choice.

Cyclone PUBLISHER family features and benefits:

  • JetStream delivers ultra-high-speed rendering of your point cloud data to instantly open and display an unlimited number of points all the time as you navigate your data set
  • LGS files created by Cyclone PUBLISHER or Cyclone PUBLISHER Pro are compatible with all CloudWorx Plugins and JetStream Viewer modules: server connected, disconnected or portable. 
  • JetStream Viewer portable is the perfect way to leave behind an impressive product with a client or prospective customers

A JetStream Connector is required for each CloudWorx seat that accesses the JetStream Enterprise server simultaneously. Connectors are transferable so a single Connector can service any user and any CloudWorx plugin on your network.