GRAPHISOFT Archicad 27.2.0 Build 5003


GRAPHISOFT Archicad 27.2.0 Build 5003

System Requirements:macOs (ARM) *
Software Prerequisites:pre-installed Graphisoft ArchiCAD INT 27.0.0 (3001) and above
Size:1.9 Gb.​

- For adjusting MEP elements, the new Offset Segment command allows users to move segments of a route without affecting connected nodes, streamlining design adjustments.
- The Magic Wand functionality returns to convert existing elements into MEP routes with predefined geometry. Furthermore, MEP routes can now easily be Split into sections, enhancing design flexibility and efficiency.
- Archicad 27.2.0 introduces enhanced Quick Connections between routes and Terminal, Accessory, and Equipment elements.
- Archicad now offers Associative Dimensioning for the hotspots of MEP elements.
- Users can now utilize the Interactive Element Schedule for MEP elements, providing improved project management capabilities. The update also introduces additional MEP properties, such as element dimensions (diameter, width, height, length), MEP system information, and slope in percentage.
Archicad 27.2.0 also brings the compatibility update for the built-in RFA/RVT Add-On to also work with Revit 2024 files besides Revit 2023 ones. This Update also includes fixes for collaboration, documentation, modeling, and miscellaneous issues.Below is the full list of fixes included in 27.2.0:

- Railings with handrails on both sides export correctly into IFC: handrails are no longer missing. (DEF-16025)
- Archicad can now export IFC models better with complex Slab operations. (DEF-15879)
- Grid elements get exported into IFC files with the 'Selected elements only' option ticked in 'Save as'. (DEF-15277)
- DWG for Drawings with non-transparent background get exported with the right Pens. (DEF-15090)
- Merging an IFC file with rotated Project North now includes the correct rotation of the imported file. (DEF-14365)
- Archicad can handle exported IFC files with missing lines better. (DEF-13620)
- When exporting into IFC, Archicad no longer crashes if elements' composite values were missing. (DEF-13227)
- Exporting DWG of specific fills in curved walls now generate correct circles in DWG viewers. (DEF-13178)
- Exporting into IFC with railing miscalculations won't crash the project anymore. (DEF-13087)
- DWG Blocks converted to Objects are now placed correctly when imported to Archicad. (DEF-12760)
- Labels, hidden by Renovation filter in Archicad, remain visible in the exported DWG file. (DEF-9863)
- Grid system can now be placed in the Swedish version of Archicad. (DEF-16890)
- Interior Elevations can now be renamed once placed. (DEF-16808)
- The Horizontal Range option of Interior Elevations can now be changed once they were placed. (DEF-16728)
- Having different Layer Combinations in the open and traced view no longer slows down Archicad. (DEF-16662)
- Publishing files with long ✅File Names is no longer an issue for either Mac or Windows OS. (DEF-16479)
- Archicad no longer crashes when opening a specific window schedule. (DEF-16426)
- Gaps on the Design Option Palette user interface were removed. (DEF-16404)
- Label pointer and its text stays connected with views of a different scale than the original scale it was placed with. (DEF-15959)
- Line weight remains true to the Pen setting even if the display scale is larger than 100%. (DEF-15683)
- Publishing related actions no longer crash Archicad. (DEF-15628)
- Hidden figures no longer appear on Layout due to the Design Options. (DEF-15505)
- MacOS 14 Sonoma users no longer experience Archicad crashes when using the Backspace or Delete buttons with activated Caps Lock in text editing. (DEF-15169)
- ✅Publisher updates the Schedules according to the set Design Option. (DEF-14865)
- Archicad no longer crashes while adjusting the Opening schedule's preview scale. (DEF-14600)
- The Design Options Palette no longer interferes with focus or shortcuts when opening the palette. (DEF-14484)
- In case of multiple Design Options in the file, the export now only includes the Design Option visible on the screen. (DEF-14448)
- When creating Zones onto different Design Option Sets, the Zone tool no longer recognizes the existing Zones created onto another Design Option Set. (DEF-14431)
- Align values with units stays in its cell in Schedule. (DEF-14216)
- Font Calibri Light in bold mode shows the correct thickness in Archicad 27. (DEF-14208)
- Specific font families no longer become bold in Zones or normal Text tools. (DEF-14143)
- Special font text does not get cropped anymore. (DEF-13716)
- Dimension Text displays in every font now. (DEF-13619)
- Char spacing of fixed tab positions remain constant line by line. (DEF-13569)
- Content on a new Layer no longer disappears from Layer Combinations. (DEF-11492)
- Insert or merge dimension points to existing dimensions snap to the edge of the skin, instead of the skin's endpoint. (DEF-8442)
- Elements remain unlocked when making changes to the section in floor plan when a Master Layout is open. (DEF-7970)
- Project with password-protected objects can now be saved on Mac OS. (DEF-16781)
- Database management related background tasks no longer result in Archicad crashes. (DEF-15919)
- Archicad no longer crashes if you use a function from the modern API to open a command scope. (DEF-17111)
- It is now possible to connect MEP elements that have different systems. (DEF-17080)
- All MEP Objects generated during IFC import remain in the Embedded Library when re-opening the file. (DEF-16910)
- The Cable Tray and Pipe MEP elements now have cut fills when the route is without transition. (DEF-16788)
- MEP elements can be created vertically with distance input. (DEF-16776)
- Solid Element Operations work with MEP elements. (DEF-16715)
- It is now possible to input minus and slash signs in the tracker when the working unit is fractional inches. (DEF-16594)
- MEP elements export to DWG correctly. (DEF-16339)
- Archicad no longer crashes due to faulty behavior of Openings. (DEF-15638)
- Modifying curtain walls with edit pattern option no longer results in crashes. (DEF-15107)
- The triangle that displays the selected connection is now visible in the new MEP. (DEF-15067)
- Now it is possible to relink home story for MEP elements. (DEF-15004)
- The flexible duct now automatically adapts to the different sections and dimensions of the connections. (DEF-14218)
- Shift no longer stays active after holding down the Shift key while opening a context menu. (DEF-12371)
Project data & BIM
- Accurate PDF report of EcoDesigner's Savings calculations are ensured. (DEF-14349)
- The correcting process of out-of-sync project navigator could creates and maintains correct views. (DEF-13674)
- Performance remains constant with the reduction of unnecessary background checks on elements. (DEF-12161)
- It is now possible to delete or rename custom dimensions in the Project Preferences dialog. (DEF-12000)
- DLL files can be correctly signed now. (DEF-11904)
Teamwork & BIMcloud
- Teamwork users no longer appear with Denied status in the BIMcloud log in dialog in Archicad 27. (DEF-17198)
- Manually switching between layouts in Teamwork do not result in the layer combinations to be set to "custom". (DEF-15962)
- Archicad no longer crashes when a Teamwork file's specific views with missing settings were fit to screen while Trace & Reference was used as well. (DEF-14841)
- Missing layer settings no longer crash Archicad during Teamwork operations. (DEF-14148)
- The performance while exporting attributes to BIMcloud improved. (DEF-11389)
- Archicad no longer crashes due to GPU driver related issues in 3D model related workflows. (DEF-9222)
Archicad'sis a software tool for architects working in the architecture-engineering-construction (AEC) industry for designing buildings from the conceptual phase all through to the construction phase.
On September 27, 2023, Graphisoft releasedArchicad 27, the latest version of its award-winning BIM software. A brand-new design option solution, updated visualization tools, improved project management workflows, and open, multidisciplinary design collaboration make Archicad 27 your best design option.
Archicad 27 - New Features Announced!
Graphisoft announced the new features for Archicad 27. Here are the highlights of the new features that I think will be most useful for architects
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