Zuken CR8000 SD/BD 2023


Zuken CR8000 SD/BD 2023

global leader in electronic design automation solutions, announces the availability of CR-8000 2023. The 2023 release is packed with new enhancements covering the entire design process and will empower users and enable them to tackle the challenges of high-density, high-speed PCB designs.

Notably, the CR-8000 2023 release places special emphasis on revitalizing and expanding the spectrum of signal integrity, power integrity, and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) analysis tools. These advancements are seamlessly integrated into the CR-8000 Design Force Analysis Advance bundle, offering an unparalleled avenue for enhanced design insights.

Empowering Engineers with Advanced Design Creation

Streamlined Design Sheet Integration

With the CR-8000 2023 release, the process of generating new designs becomes a seamless journey. Users can effortlessly merge sheets from diverse designs, enabling the incorporation of various elements or the utilization of template designs as a solid foundation. This innovative feature fosters creativity and accelerates the design timeline.

Enhanced Information Security

Privacy takes center stage with the introduction of a resourceful feature that allows sensitive information exclusion before external sharing. Tailoring resource files to distinct collaboration needs fosters a secure and collaborative design environment.